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Create your own emotion recognition system using OpenCV and CNN in 2020

What is Emotion Recognition System? Emotion recognition system can be defined as a software which takes input either images or textual data and recognizes the emotion attached to it. Usually it achieves this goal of recognition with the help of classification. We create a machine learning model and train it with a bulk of prelabeled dataset and on the basis of that training it predicts the labels of the data inputted in the model. Note that here we are talking about the supervised training. One of such emotion recognition systems is facial emotion recognition by seeing the face images of people and in this particular article we are going to cover that. We will design a convolutional neural network and train it with the combination of three types of datasets: Jaffe dataset, FER2013 dataset and Our own dataset. The density of all the datasets are described as follows: Jaffe dataset: 214 data points FER2013 dataset: 35887 data points Our dataset: 360 data points

Build your own Cam-Scanner using Python and OpenCV

Cam-Scanner using openCV In our daily life a lot of times we need to scan some documents or notes for future reference and, a lot of mobile apps are available to perform such tasks. But if you are a beginner to image processing or computer vision you can learn a lot of things by creating such projects today I am going to tell you how to build your own cam scanner using python and openCV. Full tutorial to create your own emotion recognition system using AI The tasks we have to do are First detect edges of the document you are going to scan. Now we will use these edges to find the outline which represents the piece of paper being scanned. Now we will try to find top-down view of the document by applying perspective transform method. Example of perspective transform is shown bellow which shows about the working of perspective transform.

DFA implementation in python

What you have to do: First of  all, create a DFA for the required string pattern For example, if we consider the expression 01(1 + 0)* + (1 + 0)*01 , the DFA will be:

Make your first project in python: Tick-Tack Toe game

Tick Tack Toe The whole project goes on in following simple steps